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About Salvation

Established in 2007, Salvation is a Horde raiding guild on US-Cenarion Circle.  Our primary focus is quality over quantity.  We work as a team to complete current raid content with a group of competent individuals.  Raid team members are expected to know their class, their role, and to consistently seek progress in their own performance.  We value guild members who believe in the guild's progression on the whole, and are not solely focused on their own individual achievements. 

Our raids occur three nights during the week, starting at 6:00 p.m. PST, and ending at 9:00 p.m. PST.  Raid times can fluctuate slightly, depending on the availability of core members. 

If you are interested in joining our family, be it to socialize or to seek out a position on the raid team, please feel free to apply!

 -Rilas, Guild Leader of Salvation

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Salvation is 10 years old!

by Rilas, 19 hours ago

Wow! The Salvation nation has been around for a whole entire decade! What an amazing feeling to be part of something so special. We can officially say we're not just one of the longest running guilds on our server, but the entire game! We've stuck together for so long, and through many good and bad times. We've even gotten completely disbanded for 1 day when I was hacked during that first year of existence. I know we're not the greatest guild on our server, though we were for a while in the middle there, but it's still been an excellent ride. I was looking back on the various posts we've had on our site since the start and got to remember some of our starting members from that original charter way back when: Loader, Purplegrapes, Warstaff, Aczapp, Kowii, and Zonok, who's still around helping as an officer!


I know that we've had probably hundreds of players be a part of our guild and raid team. I was happy to see many new friendships form and how even if someone hadn't played for a while, they would always be able to come back and see at least some familiar faces. I'd like to type out all the players that helped to make an impact through the years, but there are so many. I really do remember about 85-90% of the players that have been in our raid team at least if they were to pop on and tell me they raided with us. In any event, it's been a great honor to be your guild leader. I hope to continue learning how to be a better leader with you moving forward. Let's make some more awesome memories together!




Thank you, your GM,



Here are some screenshots from my crappy laptop of our first boss kills 10 years ago!

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Salvation's Fashion Nation : Hallow's End Edition

by Rilas, 62 days ago

Attention, Salvation!  Our Halloween Costume Contest is on October 25th, at 7:00 p.m. server time!  The categories and rules are as follows:



 1. BATTLE REGALIA - Show us your fiercest armor and your menacing weapons as you would prepare to defend Azeroth!


2. MATCH YOUR BATTLEPET- Mounts have had their time to shine, this time around we want you to show us your outfits that synergises with your favorite companions.


 3. HALLOW'S END COSTUME - Show us your Hallow's End costume! Are you a pirate? A ninja? Savory Deviate Delight buffs don't count for this portion of the contest!


Note: only one entry per category and you cannot enter the same xmog for different categories.


Prizes for each category are as follows:

1st: 2000g

2nd: 1000g

3rd: 500g

Judging will be performed by spectators vote (i.e., attendees who do not want to participate in any or all of the categories). If there are not enough spectators, officers will judge based on creativity, uniqueness, and style.


Join on the guild calendar today, and get prizes your mog!!

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